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Case Studies

David's Case Study

After suffering from male pattern baldness and losing his hair in his 20’s, David Richards undergoes Scalp MicroPigmentation treatment at the His Hair Clinic on Harley Street in London. “The hair loss I experienced was on the…
Case Studies

Arin's Case Study

Arin turned to His Hair Clinic to help him regain his looks and his confidence when he started suffering from thinning hair a year and a half ago – and he’s still smiling today! “I…
Case Studies

Benedict's Case Study

Actor Benedict Garret gradually noticed his thinning hair and initially turned to ‘cover up’ products to help disguise his hair loss. But he admits he soon discovered the downsides to this approach. “I started to…
Case Studies

Denis' Case Study

Alopecia had made Denis life a misery for months. Until he realised how Scalp MicroPigmentation treatment could help. Now his hat-wearing days are over… “A few months ago, I was training in the gym when…
Case Studies

Andy's Case Study

Andy Parker had been worried about going bald ever since he started to notice his hair thinning when he was in his early 20s. That’s when his friends started ribbing him about it too. “My…
Case Studies

Julien's Case Study

“I wanted a change but not an extremely obvious one, I knew HIS Hair Clinic would deliver the results I wanted. I had my first treatment session in London, my next two treatment sessions were…
Case Studies

Tyrell's Case Study

When he started to suffer from rapidly thinning hair and a receding hairline, Tyrell decided to use SMP® from HIS Hair Clinic to create an easy-to-maintain and stylish shaven look… “It started really slowly. Then,…
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James' Case Study

James began using Propecia when he first started noticing his hair loss, but the problem continued. So he embarked on extensive research into his options – and was reassured by the positive reviews of HIS…
Case Studies, Scars

John's Case Study

When a hair transplant left John Ross with a nasty scar across the back of his head, the clinic that had operated on him actually recommended Scalp MicroPigmentation as a corrective treatment. “I was suffering…
Case Studies

Frankie's Case Study

After starting to lose his hair in his mid-20s, comedian Frankie Allen tried several ways to replicate hair growth – without success. Then he discovered His Hair Clinic and Scalp MicroPigmentation… “I started losing my…
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Rob's Case Study

After starting to suffer from thinning hair in his early 20s, and seeing the fantastic results achieved by a friend, Rob Moretto asked His Hair Clinic to create the natural soft hairline he was looking for.…

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