What is SMP?

And How Scalp Micropigmentation works

Here you’ll find out exactly how Scalp MicroPigmentation works, common questions and useful videos.

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SMP® is ultimately a cosmetic skin colouring procedure that requires a highly skilled practitioner to apply specialist pigment into the upper dermis of the scalp.

Over a course of 2 – 3 separate sessions a multitude of different needle sizes, penetration depths, angles, pigment colours and distribution rates will be utilised whilst taking into consideration the area of the scalp being treated, the clients skin tone, any remaining hair and the desired final appearance. Our Scalp MicroPigmentation technique is a highly advanced form of cosmetic skin pigmentation.

The needles used for SMP® do not penetrate as deeply as they do with some other techniques, and we only use tested and approved pigments, not tattoo inks that can bleed / migrate or change colour over time. We use computer controlled microfine needles in triple clusters to achieve the guaranteed consistency of results that our SMP® technique demands.

See the difference, before and after.

The image shown is of the same client, The hairline no longer appears receded, providing a natural, youthful appearance.

What exactly IS SMP?

Our SMP® technique itself uses state of the art computerised equipment. We use a range of specialist, single-use sterile micro needles to penetrate the dermal layer of the skin.

We apply a variety of different shades of specifically blended pigments to guarantee consistent replication of the specific size, shape and density of hair replications and micro hairs. We use different SMP® techniques over the course of treatment to achieve outstanding natural looking results every time. SMP® follows a specifically developed process, whilst utilising a range of different techniques to penetrate the dermis of the skin. This creates the simulation of real looking hair follicles and micro hairs, that are replicated consistently and effectively. The replication of each hair follicle is a detailed process, each one being treated as an individual task. Only by applying this level of attention to detail can the most outstanding, consistent results be achieved.

Is SMP a tattoo?

Short answer?

Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) is NOT a tattoo, it is a specialist skin pigmentation treatment that is directly applied to the upper dermis of the scalp. HIS Hair Clinic is not a tattoo parlour or tattoo studio, we are a professional hair clinic and the world’s first Scalp MicroPigmentation company to specialise in this innovative hair loss treatment. As with all great inventions other people try to copy what we do; unfortunately for them HIS Hair remains the global leader and most experienced company for this type of hair loss treatment.

What is the difference between a tattoo and SMP?

The main difference between a tattoo and SMP is that SMP is more semi-permanent and uses a completely natural pigment. SMP uses specialist pigments created for the scalp, not general tattoo inks.

Touch-ups maybe necessary after say 5 to 10 years because SMP is not as permanent as a tattoo.

We are often asked by potential clients from the Muslim community if it’s OK for them to undergo SMP. Naturally they are concerned because they think SMP is a tattoo. The most important advice we give to every individual is that they MUST interpret their understanding of their religious beliefs. However, as far as we are concerned, SMP is NOT a tattoo and we are NOT tattoo artists. We are artistic hair loss specialists and we were the first clinic to set up a dedicated SMP clinic in the Middle East.

A local Imam said:

There is nothing wrong for you to have SMP because it is considered as a treatment of ailment and especially as the treatment is temporary. Baldness is like any other ailment, you are allowed to use any treatment to cure it whether that is colouring or hair planting.

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