Frankie's Case Study

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After starting to lose his hair in his mid-20s, comedian Frankie Allen tried several ways to replicate hair growth – without success. Then he discovered His Hair Clinic and Scalp MicroPigmentation…

“I started losing my hair when I was 25. It’s been quite traumatic really, and I hadn’t found any way to replicate anything that looks like hair growth.
I’ve tried lots of topical treatments in the past and I’ve seen people who have had hair transplants and the results are very varied. You can be left with a very scarred head.
Thank God I heard about this process. I’m a stand-up comic and when I’m interacting with the audience, I just can’t afford to look too old or too disheveled myself. Now I’ve got a really smart, more youthful look – which is fantastic for me. I went for an authentic-looking, slightly receding hairline but with the close shaven effect that’s quite trendy these days. I’m absolutely amazed by the results. This is an incredible procedure that has totally changed my life.”
Watch Frankie’s testimonial video:


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