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Hair loss-causing habits

There are any number of reasons you could be losing your hair. Sometimes it’s hereditary (thanks Mum and Dad!), sometimes it’s a physiological reaction to trauma or stress… but what if there are things you…

Study Reveals Hair Loss Hope

A US-led study has just published results of some amazing research. It points to a previously unknown process playing a key role in hair loss. Hair Growth Process Our understanding of how hair grows has…

Amazing Hair Loss Discovery

A team at Massachusetts General Hospital has just announced the results of a recent study. While researching a possible new tool in the fight against the condition they have made an amazing hair loss discovery.…

Amino Acids For Hair Loss

Among the regularly prescribed natural remedies for hair loss are amino acids. We take a closer look at these building blocks of life. Amino Acids These organic compounds are what our body uses to create…

Nobel Prize for Hair Loss?

This years winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine has been announced. While there is no Nobel Prize for hair loss, the winning work might have implications for sufferers everywhere. We take a closer look.…