SMP® Options Available

Suitable for different hairlines, styles and textures

SMP® is a popular hair loss solution for all types of hair. We can create a softer or darker style depending on your preference and hairline or create a 3D textured effect.

As well as creating a ‘buzzed’ style hair cut, SMP® can also be used to hide scars, make longer thinning hear appear thicker, and we also have temporary treatments available too.

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With over 18 years’ experience, we have continuously strived for perfection; refining and improving our SMP technique and artistic skills to enable us to recreate the most natural looking hairlines. Since inventing SMP, lots of names are now used to describe SMP hairlines such as broken, jagged, lined, defined, feathered, scattered, receded, dusted, faded and so on. We strongly believe whatever name is used to describe a SMP hairline, ultimately the end result should be natural, realistic and totally undetectable.

Hair does not grow in single hair groupings, most hair grows in groups of 1, 2, 3 or 4 hairs. These groups of hairs are referred to as a graft. On average each person has 2 hairs in each group. Real hairlines generally have less hair in the graft (typically 1 and 2 groupings) and at HIS Hair we create all our hairlines adopting this principle. Our expert precision allows us to place less density and finer graft replications (micro points) on the hairline to create the most natural looking and realistic hairlines that are undetectable.

Softer or darker, depending on you.

We analyse your existing hair and skin tones and can recommend what would suit you best.

Creating a 3D hair effect with SMP

Scalp micropigmentation, by its very nature, is a two dimensional illusion. The placement of pigment deposits within the skin produces an incredibly realistic image of a full head of shaven hair.

However at HIS Hair Clinic, we are able to take this procedure one step further. The following photograph shows a recent treatment completed by a HIS practitioner. By layering different pigment shades during the course of the recommended number of treatment sessions, we are able to achieve a subtle three dimensional illusion to further enhance the realism of your new ‘hair’.

This 3D technique requires a high level of skill to deliver the very best result. All our practitioners are now comprehensively trained to achieve this effect, and HIS Hair Clinic is the only provider in the world with proven 3D-simulation results.

Here at HIS Hair Clinic, we’re able to deliver on almost any reasonable request you can make, including the retention of real scars, or even the addition of new ‘fake’ scars for the added illusion of naturality.

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    Temporary SMP®

    Also known as TricoPigmentation. Permanent solutions aren’t for everyone and we respect that. What we can offer is a high-quality, less permanent solution to accommodate both cosmetic and cultural requirements.

    Unlike the pigments used for our other treatments, temporary pigments are purposely designed to more easily break down and naturally fade within the body. This accelerated reaction occurs due to the makeup of the pigment. Nowadays temporary Scalp MicroPigmentation is often referred to as tricopigmentation.

    Temporary pigment particle sizes are smaller and therefore are broken down more quickly and removed from the body via your immune system. The pigment typically starts to fade from around 6 to 18 months after the treatment although not necessarily evenly or completely. This option typically requires a further application after 12 months depending on skin type, tone, desired effect, and time exposed to UV. The shade on the scalp surface may last 2-3 years with this type of pigment but is still likely to reside in the dermal layer for longer although overall longevity will depend on the individual areas of treatment, age, immune system, complexion, and exposure to UV.


    We receive a number of requests for a temporary solution from our clients. The primary motivation behind these requests is the ability to ‘test the water’ before choosing our permanent treatment.

    The client has the opportunity to get used to their new look and decide if it is one they are happy to live with on a long term basis. A routine of shaving and moisturising can also be established, to really get to know how compatible a typical maintenance regimen is with your general lifestyle. In many ways, temporary SMP is like a trial run before committing to the real thing.

    Things to Consider

    By their very nature, temporary pigments do not last very long. If you love your new treatment and want to maintain your new style but you chose temporary pigmentation, you will need further sessions to either refresh your temporary treatment, or you will need a permanent application.

    Neither of these options present a problem, however you will incur additional treatment costs as well as the costs and time associated with time off work, travel and accommodation.

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    Over the years Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) has become ever more popular with clients who do not wish to shave their hair. This type of density or infill technique works like a permanent concealer for hair loss. Previously, there was only temporary concealers such as DermMatch, Keratin hair fibres, Toppik, Nanogen Fibres, Cuvva, Caboki etc

    The real benefit of SMP is the fact that it is permanent, so it won’t wash off in the shower or swimming pool, it won’t run down your face in the rain and it won’t leave marks on your pillow after a night’s sleep.

    SMP for Long Hair
    smp hair loss treatments for women


    SMP has also become really popular with women who suffer from hair loss. Female Pattern Baldness (FPB) is generally different to Male Pattern Baldness (MPB).

    In female pattern baldness, the hair’s growing phase slows down. It also takes longer for new hair to begin growing. Hair follicles shrink, leading the hair that does grow to be thinner and finer. This can result in hair that breaks easily.

    Scalp MicroPigmentation is inserted into the thinning areas of the scalp to eliminate the contrast of hair colour and skin / scalp colour to create an effective illusion of thicker and fuller hair. The SMP illusion works really well with longer hair and in particular darker hair colours.

    It’s normal for women to lose 50 to 100 hairs each day, but those with female pattern baldness can lose many more. In men, hair loss starts in the front of the head and recedes to the back until they go bald. Women lose hair from all over their head, starting at their part line. Hair at the temples may also recede. Woman are less likely to go completely bald, but may have a lot of thinning throughout their hair, hence why SMP is so effective.

    smp hair loss treatments for women

    In order to fully support and treat all our female clients we set up a dedicated female hair loss clinic, Hair Loss For Women. Managed by myself, Ranbir, the clinic privately and exclusively provides SMP and all other hair loss solutions for women.



    Although hair transplant techniques have undoubtedly improved in recent years and cause less scarring than they used to, due in part to widespread use of less invasive FUE (follicular unit extraction) techniques, all transplant clients are still left with permanent scarring following their procedure.

    SMP® is often used as an effective scar concealment method, making them far less visible than they previously were. The technique can benefit all transplant patients, whatever their hair length, and regardless of whether or not their transplant surgery was originally combined with a full SMP® treatment.

    SMP® is commonly used to camouflage these scars, making them far less visible than they previously were. The technique can benefit all transplant patients, whatever their hair length, and regardless of whether or not their transplant surgery was combined with a SMP® treatment.


    Exactly how well a hair transplant scar can be hidden depends on the scar itself, however most clients experience a level of camouflage of at least 70%.

    It is worth mentioning that the results shown above, were taken following just one SMP® session. A significant improvement can already be seen, and has enabled our client to confidently wear his hair shorter. Further improvements will be made during the second session to fully disguise the hair transplant scar. Furthermore, we have also treated his thinning crown area to make his hair appear more dense. Our SMP® treatment successfully camouflages a hair transplant scar allowing men to be able to cut any remaining hair very short without worrying about their scars being exposed or visually noticeable.

    Like most clients, Callum (above) was left with a hair transplant scar following a routine procedure. SMP® has enabled Callum to hide his scar, and now feels much happier, as people are now far less likely to find out about his surgery.

    hair transplant scars

    Warren (above) was left with a deep hair transplant scar after his surgery. Following his SMP® camouflage treatment, the scar is now much less obvious.

    All of the clients on this page have been successfully treated by HIS Hair Clinic using the SMP®, and we treat more clients in similar situations on a daily basis. Results vary from simply making scars less obvious, to almost total camouflage of some scars.

    hair transplant scars

    Every client is different, and so is every hair transplant scar. To discuss your own requirements please feel free to contact us.

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