Benedict's Case Study

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Actor Benedict Garret gradually noticed his thinning hair and initially turned to ‘cover up’ products to help disguise his hair loss. But he admits he soon discovered the downsides to this approach.

“I started to lose my hair about 7 years ago. My hairline was receding, my crown was beginning to bald. It wasn’t something I particularly noticed at first, but other people started commenting on it.
Then, because I perform and I’m in the theatre, I started to see photos and thought ‘Ah yes, I am starting to lose my hair’. For many years, to cover up the fact that I was thinning, I bought these ‘hair in a can’ products, or hair thickening spray, and I would just use them to ‘fill in the blanks’. And it looked okay, but wasn’t very practical at all. I’ve still got some hair coverage, which I’d started to shave anyway, and this treatment has been ideal for me to fill in those gaps. One positive result that I certainly didn’t expect is that I actually feel younger, as well as knowing that I look younger. It’s been amazing.”
Watch Benedict’s testimonial video:



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