Denis' Case Study

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Alopecia had made Denis life a misery for months. Until he realised how Scalp MicroPigmentation treatment could help. Now his hat-wearing days are over…

“A few months ago, I was training in the gym when a friend came up behind me to kindly tell me that I was going bald!
Male pattern baldness doesn’t run in my family and my problems started with a bald spot about the size of a 50p coin at the back of my head. Over the next couple of months, that developed into more spots over the top and sides of my head, at which point it started to have quite a big emotional impact. I started to shave my head and alopecia was diagnosed, pretty quickly spreading to cover quite a large portion of my head. It had a huge impact on my life.
I was really self-conscious and basically lived in my hat 99% of the time. A friend pointed me in the direction of the His Hair Clinic website and I did a lot of online research. The treatment has been fantastic. It’s given me real freedom, emotionally and physically.
Now I don’t worry about wearing a hat all the time, or about other people wondering why I’m wearing a hat all the time. In fact, after my very first treatment, I walked out of the clinic without my hat on – absolutely amazing. It’s been brilliant!”
Watch Denis’ testimonial video:



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