Rob's Case Study

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After starting to suffer from thinning hair in his early 20s, and seeing the fantastic results achieved by a friend, Rob Moretto asked His Hair Clinic to create the natural soft hairline he was looking for.

“My hair loss started when I was roughly 23. It just started thinning, on top and all over. And being fairly young at the time, it did affect my confidence.
I saw the results of someone very close to me after their SMP treatment, and it looked very good. You really can’t tell that someone’s had the treatment. That was my motivation for coming to the clinic. I wanted to patch up where I was receding at the front and the bald spot on my crown and generally just create a full head of hair.
I had two treatment sessions; the first just an hour long, the second about two hours. I’m really happy with the results and have got exactly the look I was after – a natural soft hairline that’s just right for me. I wasn’t after a full head of hair; it’s just really filled in a few areas that I wasn’t happy with in a sensible, not-over-the-top way. Apart from immediate family, who know I’ve had the treatment, not one person has asked me what I’ve done with my hair, or questioned it in any way. So I’m over the moon with it.”
Watch Rob’s testimonial video:




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