James' Case Study

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James began using Propecia when he first started noticing his hair loss, but the problem continued. So he embarked on extensive research into his options – and was reassured by the positive reviews of HIS Hair Clinic.

“It wasn’t until about four years ago that I really noticed a drastic change in my hair loss. It fell out at somewhat of an alarming rate, even on the drug Propecia. I did loads of research into HIS Hair Clinic – and I still have yet to find a bad review.
I was expecting a degree of discomfort with my SMP® treatment, but I have tattoos and I’ve never once had to stop having tattoo work done because it was too painful. So I was fairly sure any discomfort would easily be offset by not having to think about my hair loss ever again!
People tell me now: ‘Oh, you have a really great hairline!’ – it’s really crazy how the treatment deceives people. It’s a really sharp, low maintenance look. I’m far more confident now and I love the fact that I just don’t have to worry about my baldness any more. I feel great!”
Watch James’ testimonial video:



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