About His Hair Clinic

We invented SMP® over 19 years ago!

HIS Hair Clinic is owned and managed by Ian Watson and Ranbir Rai-Watson, an innovative family team who invented Scalp MicroPigmentation.

Having invented SMP back in 2002, we then set to create an international Scalp MicroPigmentation market to raise global awareness of our truly life-changing SMP invention.


Having invented SMP and completed the most successful SMP procedures, there is absolutely no doubt we are the most experienced SMP practitioners worldwide.

Unlike any other company offering SMP, our biggest unique selling point (USP) is we work as a team of two practitioners on every single client’s head.

Prior to COVID-19 we opened up an international network of 20 clinics worldwide to bring SMP to the masses in ‘local market’ settings. Prior to setting up our clinic network, clients from all over the world had to come to HIS Hair to receive their SMP treatment.

Having invented SMP and completed the most successful SMP procedures, there is absolutely no doubt we are the most experienced SMP practitioners worldwide. Unlike any other company offering SMP, our biggest unique selling point (USP) is we work as a team of two practitioners on every single client’s head, meaning each and every client gets:

  • Two sets of eyes
  • Two pair of hands
  • Two sets of opinion
  • Two experts for the price of one

One of our clients reinforced this important and unique fact when he kindly left his Google review:

Excellent and professional service. I had Ian and Ranbir work on my scalp today and what they did was top-class. Ian is very thorough in mapping out and planning, whilst Ranbir is highly skilled at the pigment application. When I say skilled, I mean artistically. It looked exactly like a head of shaved hair.

Continuity of Care

So why choose us?

One of our unique advantages is the continuity of your practitioners. Being seen by both Ian and Ranbir each time allows you to feel comfortable on your journey knowing that you will never be seen by a different practitioner. You’ll have direct contact with either of us, with no information going through a middle man or 3rd party.

I personally wouldn’t entrust my head with an inexperienced practitioner, it’s a far too important decision to take the risk. It’s not as if I’m getting an arm tattoo which I can cover up with a shirt and get back to work if it goes wrong. Personally, even if I was getting a regular tattoo I would only chose the most experienced practitioner, it’s a no brainer! – Ian Watson

About Ian and Ranbir

Ian Watson CEO & Co-Founder HIS Hair Clinic

Ian Watson

As CEO & Co-Founder of HIS Hair Clinic, I’m very proud to be internationally recognised for inventing Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) over 18 years ago.

Since 2002, I have dedicated my time to raising global awareness of the benefits of Scalp MicroPigmentation and positively changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of people struggling with their hair.

As the name suggests, HIS Hair Clinic is a male hair loss clinic set up to help men with hair loss. Having suffered from Alopecia myself, I personally felt a man’s privacy was very important, believing most men would feel more comfortable and less embarrassed discussing their hair loss and insecurities with a person of same sex, particularly if that person had also suffered the same struggles with their hair.

That said, a very important part of our SMP evolution relates to women‘s hair loss with Ranbir, my Co-Founder, setting up www.Hairlossforwomen.com to exclusively and privately provide female SMP treatments.

Prior to setting up HIS Hair Clinic, I had the honour of working for the NHS. I’ve always been motivated to help people because I believe there is no better satisfaction than making a positive difference to an individual’s life.

My inspiration for inventing SMP was purely for my own hair loss; I never dreamt of running an international chain of hair loss clinics. My SMP journey over the last 18 years has taken me all over the world and I’ve been lucky to meet some of the worlds most experienced and influential people in the hair loss industry. During this time I’ve also personally helped thousands of men with my SMP invention.

My SMP and hair loss journey

  • Suffered from Alopecia Areata in my early 30s as a result of the death of my younger bother to cancer
  • Invented SMP in 2002
  • Received international recognition from Dr William Rassman who invented the FUE hair transplant surgery
  • Personally selected to provide SMP training to the world’s largest hair restoration company, based in the USA (Bosley and Hair Club for men)
  • Opened and managed a network of 20 HIS Hair Clinics worldwide
  • Successfully opened a number of HIS Hair franchises, including the Far East, Middle East and North America
  • Trained the majority of the world’s best known SMP practitioners & technicians

As part of my journey I also wanted to fully understand the hair loss market and test all of the main hair loss solutions so I could confidently speak from personal experience. As a result, I’ve tried the following hair loss solutions:

Herbal remedies, and shampoos  |  Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) |  Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant |  PRP and ACELL combination therapy |  SMP to camouflage my (FUE) donor sites |  Laser Therapy (LLLT) |  Derma / scalp Roller |  Mesotherapy |  Minoxidil (Rogaine) |  Propecia (Finasteride / Proscar)

My SMP journey, integrity, professionalism and honesty, is what I believe sets me apart in an industry that often makes false claims, over promises and under delivers. If I can be of any assistance, if you would like me to share my experience or if you simply want a second opinion, I will always be happy to make time to discuss your situation.

Finally, if you are considering SMP or have decided you want to book your treatment, there really is no better place or no one more experienced to perform your SMP treatment.

Best Wishes

Ian Watson CEO & Co-Founder HIS Hair Clinic

Ranbir Rai Watson Creator of SMP

Ranbir Rai-Watson Co-Founder HIS Hair Clinic, CEO Hair Loss For Women

Ranbir Rai-Watson

I’m extremely proud of the fact I helped develop and successfully carry out the worlds first ever Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) treatment, back in 2002.

Since then I have become a qualified Trichologist and established an international reputation for SMP excellence. In the world of SMP, my experience, knowledge, eye for detail, and treatment results are envied and respected worldwide.


  • Invented SMP over 18 years ago with my Co-Founder Ian Watson
  • Performed the world’s first SMP treatment
  • Over the last 18 years, successfully performed 1000s of SMP treatments all over the world
  • Carried out SMP treatments on the Saudi Royal family, including the Princess of Saudi Arabia
  • Performed SMP for Adee Phelan, celebrity hair dresser with a clientele that includes David Beckman, Piers Morgan, Calum Best and Noel Gallagher, to name just a few
  • Performed SMP for Daniel Johnson, award-winning international male grooming expert, who is the barber for the England National Football team
  • Performed SMP for Good Morning Britain (GMB) weatherman Alex Beresford
  • Wrote all the HIS Hair Clinic SMP training manuals, procedures and policies to gain the world’s first nationally recognised and externally accredited Level 4 certification in SMP
  • Set up the HIS Hair Clinic SMP academy
  • Successfully trained 100s of SMP practitioners worldwide
  • Special advisor to the world’s largest hair loss company with headquarters in Los Angeles & NYC
  • Qualified as a professional Trichologist and full member of The Institute of Trichologists
  • I hold a Masters Degree in training and education
  • Launched www.hairlossforwomen.com as an exclusive hair loss clinic dedicated to women

Whether you’re a man or woman struggling with your hair, considering SMP or any other type of hair loss solution, I would be delighted to hear from you so I can provide professional advice and excellent results.

Kindest Regards

Ranbir Rai-Watson

Co-Founder HIS Hair Clinic
CEO Hair Loss For Women

Our COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 has changed the world, the world of HIS Hair Clinic has also changed. Reluctantly, and with a sad heart, Ian and Ranbir have had no choice but to change their company strategy and now only operate from one UK clinic in Birmingham, although they still have affiliated partners. Whilst their path has changed due to the current unprecedented times, their journey continues.

As Ranbir says:

If we are being totally honest, it’s like going back to our roots, where our passion lies and where our hearts truly belong, seeing clients everyday and performing first-class SMP treatments. Whilst running an international business was definitely fun, there is nothing better than helping people and positively changing lives with our SMP invention.

If you are suffering from hair loss, considering Scalp MicroPigmentation or have decided you want to undergo SMP, we both look forward to personally meeting you, giving you the very best professional advice and ensuring you receive the very BEST SMP results.

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