Tyrell's Case Study

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When he started to suffer from rapidly thinning hair and a receding hairline, Tyrell decided to use SMP® from HIS Hair Clinic to create an easy-to-maintain and stylish shaven look…

“It started really slowly. Then, as soon as I started to notice it – and my barber commented on it too – the thinning seemed to speed up somehow! So I just started shaving my hair. But over the next year, it receding more, faster than it had before. When I noticed I was thinning at the crown too, I started looking at my options.
I’d been looking at the HIS Hair Clinic website for about a year and a half before deciding that I might as well try it. I’d also had this scar since an accident when I was a baby, which I was looking to get filled in just a little, although not all of it.
I’ve only had good reactions since I had the SMP® treatment; it’s been great! Every two to three days, I’ll quickly use a razor to ‘go with the grain’ and keep it looking good – two minutes max while I’m in the shower, no problem. I had two treatment sessions about a year ago and I’m really happy with it. No regrets about it at all!
I’d recommend SMP® to anyone with male pattern baldness or receding hairlines.
Watch Tyrell’s testimonial video:


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