Our 12 Month

Treatment Guarantee

Deciding whether or not to undergo any type of treatment is a massive decision.

We fully support and encourage our clients desire to gather as much information as possible about the technique and our service, before making this decision.

Your 12 month guarantee and what it covers

Fading or lightening of the treated area between sessions is a normal and expected part of the process. A few days after each session your skin will heal itself and start to exfoliate. In some cases, this may result in small scabs containing SMP pigment falling off the scalp. The exfoliation process causes each replicated follicle to appear smaller and lighter. After each session, the resulting illusion will appear darker and denser, until the desired final look is achieved.

Short term fading usually ceases after 6-8 weeks, however in rare cases clients may experience minor fading after this period. Clients may notice minor flaws where (for example) the pigments have settled unevenly, however this is extremely rare. Your 12 month guarantee covers 1 session as a result of longer term fading or flaw correction, and will therefore be provided free of charge. If this course of action fails to resolve the matter, strictly at our Directors discretion we may offer to remove the treatment on a free of charge basis.

All HIS clients are provided with fixed costs prior to commencing their treatment. During your consultation, we will provide you with an estimate of how many treatment sessions you are likely to require. We use the term ‘estimate’, as different skin types accept our pigments in different ways, therefore it may become apparent during your treatment process that an additional session may be needed. If additional sessions are required to deliver the style that was agreed, we will provide these sessions free of charge.

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What is not covered

Hairline Alterations

Any adjustments to the style that was agreed upon during your consultation are chargeable, if additional treatment time is required. This includes changes to the frontal hairline, follicle shade and follicle density.

Normally, adjustments to the frontal hairline are made in the first two treatments. If you wish to change something about your new SMP frontal hairline or to make a change to your temples, please do so with your practitioner during the first two sessions. Later sessions are set up to address differential fading and density matching and do not normally involve frontal hairline design. Changes to the hairline after the second session or after all treatments have finished are considered a new treatment and are billable.

Other information

When does the guarantee period start?

The guarantee period of one year starts from the date of your first treatment session.

Is there a guarantee period for a touch-up treatment?

No. The touch-up is more of a quick session to address any uneven fading or density outside of the normal one year warranty period. It is a paid session that is not covered by the normal treatment guarantee.

What are the legalities regarding a treatment?

Before each treatment, the client will discuss with the practitioner their session for that day, along with all changes that will take place to their scalp as they undergo SMP placement. The practitioner may make suggestions, but the ultimate decision lies with the client. Once the client has decided upon their treatment course, they will sign different documents stating that is indeed what they want. This ensures that the client’s wishes are met and that HIS provided them with the service they wanted.

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