Body fixers provide stop gap solution whilst waiting for hair transplant

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help with hair transplant

help with hair transplantThe channel E4 show ‘Body Fixers’ recently starred twenty four year old Mike who had a bald patch and needed a quick temporary fix for a wedding. The young man from Sunderland talked about how his receding hair line has made him feel so self-conscious over the years that he has even abstained from sex for more than two years.

Mike was so conscious of his bald patch that he would hide it from friends, many of which aren’t even aware of his condition. He would style his hair into a quiff and hold it in place under a bandana which would cover his bald patch, but revealed on the show that he felt ridiculous doing so.

Mike’s stop gap solution

Although Mike has undergone a hair transplant recently, he is yet to see any results which can sometimes take up to a year to show. With a wedding coming up soon, Mike approached the Body Fixers team hoping for a quick fix. The team ended up designing a hair piece which he is now able to now to conceal his bald patch until the results of his hair transplant begin to show. The team carefully took into consideration that Mike had scarring from his hair transplant, and set the hair piece so it would cover up the scarring.

Thrilled and overwhelmed with his results and new hairstyle, Mike called it unbelievable.

Alternative hair loss solutions

If Mike had opted for Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP), it would have not only been a quicker solution than a transplant, he wouldn’t have even needed a temporary fix!

SMP is an increasingly popular hair loss solution in which pigment is deposited onto patient scalps and creates a realistic illusion of a buzz cut. The procedure itself is quick, relatively pain free and requires little to no maintenance afterwards.  If you want to find out more then click here or call us on 0121 516 1767 to arrange a free consultation.


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