Is that a bald Bradley Cooper on Bargain Hunt?

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smp bargain hunt

smp bargain huntViewers may have spotted Bradley Coopers doppelganger on one of the latest episodes of the BBC One game show ‘Bargain Hunt’. Although missing Coopers signature thick brunette locks and the red carpet suit, the Bargain Hunt contestant Chris has become viral on social media as viewers cannot stop tweeting about him since the episode aired.

Chris, who is a former soldier, looked just like a bald Bradley Cooper complete with blue eyes and some tasteful facial hair. At least now we know Coopers looks aren’t about to fade should he choose to shave his head anytime soon!

SMP and hair transplants

Cooper has been seen with multiple different hairstyles over the years, including long locks, short military buzz-cuts, slicked back and even in a perm! However, after seeing Chris we think that he could easily inspire a new rugged look for Cooper if he went for a quick scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) procedure.

SMP is a permanent hair loss solution for balding men. The technique can accurately replicate the look of a freshly shaved head; it works by depositing thousands of dots of pigments onto the scalp so that they imitate hair follicles. The procedure itself is relatively pain free and is personally tailored to each client, so that it looks completely natural and matches their natural hair colour and hairline shape. SMP can also be used to build the look of denser and thicker hair when there is some hair growth, or to cover patches where there is no hair – such as over scarring.

Recreating the celebrity look

Although if Chris wanted to recreate Cooper’s thick brown hair, he could opt for a hair transplant to recreate the celebrity look.

Hair transplants work by extracting hair from a donor site and implanting it in an area to cover a bald patch or to increase hair density. The procedure is simple and sophisticated and has a high success rate, but results can take up to one year to be visible.


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