More than just a hair tattoo: how SMP works

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SMP hair tattoo

SMP hair tattooIan Watson is the CEO and co-founder of the HIS Hair Clinic, more notably he is the man behind the cosmetic camouflage technique used to disguise patches of hair loss and baldness. Since 2002 Watson has been part of several years of research, development and refinement to create a realistic technique which can create the illusion of a five o clock shadow on balding patches around the scalp and even the face.

What initially started as a dream has now become an internationally popular hair loss solution, known as Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP). In the short space of ten years, SMP has made its own place amongst other hair loss solutions in the market and changed the lives of many.

What Is SMP

SMP is a relatively painless but permanent procedure, in which pigmentation is deposited into the scalp to imitate a naturally shaved head. The process must be carried out by an experienced and qualified cosmetic pigmentation specialist to imitate a completely realistic look. Essentially, SMP requires the technician to create the appearance of thousands of hair follicles all over the scalp.

Sessions can last between two to six hours, however multiple sessions are required so that the patient’s scalp has time to heal and also so the technician can build up colour density for a more natural appearance. Technicians use specialised pigment and match colours to the patient’s natural hair colour to ensure results appear flawless.

Maintaining Your New Look

Patients need pre-consultations with their technician so that they can discuss their expectations and design their desired hairline shape. Patients who have undergone the procedure all agree that they do not need to put much effort into maintaining their new look. At most, patients who have some hair growth choose to shave their head regularly, otherwise SMP can be used to create the illusion of hair density in patients who already have hair.


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