Why no price is too high for a hair loss treatment that works

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No price too high for a hair loss treatment that works

No price too high for a hair loss treatment that worksWith an ever-growing demand on pharmaceutical companies to find a hair loss solution, the pharmaceutical industry is globally investing more and more on research, clinical trials and drugs which could potentially cure baldness. Men and women alike are desperately taking supplements and drugs which promise to restore, thicken and promote hair growth, which is giving pharmaceutical companies a very healthy profit.

What hair loss research is currently going on?

Research is being carried out on possible solutions which involve stem cells, bio-printing and even solutions which explore cloning the hair and having robots carry out the hair transplant procedures. Samumed is an American biotechnology company which is working on a topical solution which will target genes that could possible re-grow hair.

Histogen, also an American regenerative medical company, has found a scalp treatment which involves injecting neonatal cells into the scalp. RepliCel Life Sciences and Shiseido have partnered and come up with topical dermal injections which are set to be released by 2018 costing $1000 per treatment. Each of these companies are investing millions of dollars into their research and solutions as finding the cure for baldness has become a major source of business revenue.

For those who are suffering from hair loss however, any permanent solution is worth spending big money. Unfortunately though, there are scammers out there trying to cash in on the hair-loss solution industry – with false promises and defaming competitor products, sufferers must make sure they have genuine information about the products or services they are investing in.

If you are looking into hair loss solutions, speak to a qualified medical practitioner or a hair loss specialist for honest and genuine advice and treatment options.

Is there any fail-safe treatment for baldness?

There is already a treatment which is reliable, safe and a permanent solution for balding men – scalp micro pigmentation (SMP). SMP is a straightforward procedure which works by depositing pigments on the scalp to replicate a natural hairline and shaved head. Clients can customise their look by choosing the shape of their hairline, sideburns and using colour pigments which closely imitate their natural hair colour. The procedure is relatively painless and requires minimal upkeep, hence its growing popularity amongst men.


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