How will life change after SMP?

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How will life change after SMP

How will life change after SMPUnderstandably, when looking into a permanent hair loss solution such as scalp micro pigmentation (SMP), you may feel hesitant and self-conscious in what others may say or think, or how you would maintain your new look. In essence, you want to know how SMP will change your life.

An initial consultation with your technician from the hair loss clinic should give you an idea of what to expect and look forward to, but you should also feel free to use this opportunity to express any concerns and ask your technician any questions you have.

What will friends and family say?

In terms of comments from friends and family who are unaware of your procedure, many people will notice a subtle change and will be offering compliments or even suggesting that you grow your hair out! SMP offers an extremely realistic result due to both the natural colours used in the pigments which are deposited, and can create a hairline which closely resembles the shape of your original hairline. Therefore if you choose not to tell anyone, very few people will be able to detect that you have had a cosmetic procedure even when looking closely.

Many SMP clients report that they have received highly positive feedback on their new look, which has improved their self-confidence and overall image of themselves. Consequently it comes as no surprise that they find improvements in every aspect of their lives, as they are able to look at themselves in a much more positive light.

Is there any aftercare involved with SMP?

Initially, right after the procedure you will need to be careful for the first three days to allow your scalp to heal. Your technician will advise you to avoid any strenuous work which could work up a sweat on your head, avoid water and soaps.

After ten days, clients are advised to begin using gentle soaps on their scalp and wash regularly to remove any build-up of dead skin. Some men prefer to use an anti-shine moisturiser, but ideally you should wait for at least one week after the procedure.

If you do have some hair growth, you will need to shave your head regularly in order to maintain the freshly shaved look. Otherwise there are no restrictions and the SMP procedure offers a permanent, confidence-restoring solution for many balding men.


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