Why HIS Hair Should Always Be Your Choice For SMP

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You have found a local SMP practitioner, his gallery is impressive, he seems personable in consultation, he might even be a bit cheaper… so why should HIS still be your first choice?

The HIS Story


It is now over a decade and a half since Ranbir Rai Watson and Ian Watson, the in-law team who still head up HIS Hair Clinics, set out to develop the procedures and equipment needed to deliver perfect SMP. Even in the early days of the clinic they were supremely confident they could deliver great work every time. Then, as now, each client was a new journey and lessons were learned along the way.

Fast forward to today and there are HIS clinics all over the world, fed by a training system that still sees new practitioners put through an exhaustive programme of training and study. If they are to take over a clinic then they will also spend many months at an existing one learning their craft. Only when they have seen enough heads treated to be totally confident they can handle any eventuality are they let loose on the world.

Brave New World

Virtual SMP

In recent years there has been an exponential rise in the number of new clinics out there, we see a new competitor spring up almost on a weekly basis with no sign of slowing down. Disturbingly, some of these self-taught clinics will offer to train and certificate others to do the same… sometimes on the basis of an on-line tutorial and a few days of in-house training.

In among them are a handful of practitioners who actually took their training with HIS Hair. HIS is a very happy family, but it is natural that some will occasionally choose to set out for themselves. It is human nature. What they discover, as do all new SMP clinics, is that it is very difficult to build trust with would-be clients unless you have supporting evidence of your skill and experience. Something that can only really be done with a gallery of former clients… it’s a conundrum that will see some use other clinics images and make outrageous claims about their background in SMP.

It is a challenge that has seen several HIS trained practitioners leave to join competition, or to set up on their own, but return within a few months safe in the knowledge that the grass was not so green on the other side.

Countless Reasons To Be Nervous


Everyone who sits down for their first SMP session has a singular ambition, to leave with a convincing appearance of having buzz cut hair. We know there are practitioners out there who do not work for HIS that are capable of doing that for you, they might even be offering to do it for a little less than HIS, or maybe they are easier to get to.

There are some seriously good reasons why you should still beat a path to your nearest HIS clinic, their unique pigments would be one important one. But most of the peril associated with a single practitioner business is the aftercare. No-one can guarantee their health, or general future – maybe they will get made an offer they can’t refuse, whether it comes from the boy or girl of their dreams, an employer, or were unlucky with their health? Maybe they will make a decision to move their clinic to a richer environment. Where do any of those possibilities leave you if you require further attention for any reason?

All Roads Lead To HIS


HIS Hair clients can walk into any of their global clinics for a touch-up. There have been instances of clients who had their first session in one clinic and their follow ups in an entirely different continent. This network of clinics and the associated experience of the practitioners, along with a management team supported by medical professionals from every relevant sphere, are why the HIS Hair guarantee stands out in an unregulated industry.

We have the most experienced team in the industry, we have treated more clients than anyone and we continue to lead developments in technique and equipment. The evidence of our long-term commitment to every one of our clients is all over our forum, the oldest and largest community in the industry.

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