My hair transplant was a success but the scar is unsightly and obvious – what can I do?

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man wearing hatDespite the advancements and progress of surgical hair transplants, a frequent side effect is often the inevitable scarring caused by the procedures.

Surgeons who are pioneers in the industry often use a number of techniques to reduce the appearance of scars during and after the procedure, but any claims of a zero scarring procedure aren’t true.

We aren’t stating this to shock you, simply it is an unrealistic expectation to expect scars to disappear entirely. The likes of ‘strip method’ scars can be very prominent, begging the question is this type of surgery worth it? Fortunately there are now ways to ensure your hair transplant looks as natural as possible.

The solution?

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) has been found to be the perfect complementary procedure for hair transplant clients. It is now commonly used as a secondary, non-surgical treatment to reduce the appearance of scars and make the fact you’ve had a hair transplant less visible. The procedure helps to both enhance the effects of the transplant and also adds camouflage to any surgical scars so you can feel confident about your results and during the shedding phase.

Is it viable for you?

SMP has not only become one of the most immediate and surgery-free ways to create a full-head of hair look, but now respected hair restoration clinics are even referring their clients to SMP clinics following transplant procedures.

It has been found to be a suitable complementary solution for hair transplant clients as it can both hide the presence of scars left from the surgery and also provides the illusion of greater hair density, which is ideal for clients whose donor hair is insufficient.

As hair restoration technology and services improve, what we’re seeing is that one form of treatment isn’t often enough to get the best results.

So if you are looking into hair transplants, then it is also a good idea to discuss SMP with your clinic. The combination of the two can make for much more satisfying results and ensure you get the perfect finish that you want without having to wait as long.


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