Rooney’s Bad Hair Day

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Photographs of Wayne Rooney with his hair looking incredibly thin have bought the quality of his hair transplant into question.. we take a closer look.


Hold The Front Page!

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The tabloid press have gone into overdrive with shots of Rooney leaving the team hotel after crashing out of the European Championships to minnows Iceland which show his scalp shining through again. We feel sorry for the thousands of young men in a similar position who do not have the resources to go for a transplant and have never heard of SMP but whose lives are appreciably worsened by early onset male pattern baldness.

Rumoured to have spent as much as $45,000 on a series of treatments at a Harley street transplant surgery Rooney has become a major advocate for the surgery. He describes, in his autobiography, looking in the mirror at a 25 year old going bald and deciding to do something about it. Good on him we say. How he feels about his decision to go with a transplant today is open to conjecture, if you believe what those tabloids are saying he is possibly very disappointed. We are not so sure.

Was It Really That Bad?

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It has been a traumatic period in Rooney’s career. First the manager who bought him to Manchester United as a 17 year old retired. His replacement was the manager who was forced, against his will, to sell Rooney back then. An inauspicious season saw him moved on in favour of a Dutch manager with an appetite for ultra defensive football, real hard to watch stuff and not at all to Rooney’s liking. This season has seen him switch from his preferred position of forward to a midfield role in another disappointing campaign for him and his team.

At a time when he could probably have done with a few weeks on Necker Island being pampered, he was instead stuck on a plane and made Captain of the England team for the young squad sent to France for the Euros. Cue personal and team disaster and the infamous Iceland performance.

All in all enough to make your hair fall out. Or at least turn white.

So Was It Stress?

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The idea that Rooney’s hair has fallen out due to stress during this tournament, as suggested by some  tabloids, is frankly ridiculous. While shocks, emotional and physical, can lead to alopecia areata or totalis – where hair is lost either in patches or in its entirety, this is not what has happened here.

So What Really Happened?


In fact, it is probably good evidence for just how hard Rooney took the defeat to Iceland that he forgot his usual routine. This would have involved using hair thickening fibres to add the appearance of density at the crown. A procedure familiar to many thousands of men with thinning hair, these fibres cling to the existing hair and scalp – it takes some practice to perfect the routine but can achieve some impressive results. Although you need to bear in mind that swimming is off the agenda and you really don’t want to get caught in the rain… Like Rooney has to on a regular basis, in front of millions of viewers.

How he feels about his transplant will have a lot to do with the prognosis he was given by the surgeon, if outrageous claims were made he may well feel disappointed. The fact is that the critical piece, the frontal hairline, looks intact and healthy – so it is probably considered a fair result. You just have to be realistic about what might be achieved in each individual case.

HIS Hair Clinic


We sincerely wish Wayne had found his way to our door. He would have saved himself the best part of $45,000 as well as having a hair loss solution that was bullet proof and bang on trend. It is still not too late, we would hope that for that money the surgeon left minimal scarring, though that can be fixed anyway.  With a new manager bringing a new strategy, a new position to learn and new team-mates to help assimilate as club captain… not having to worry about the state of his transplant or hair thickening fibres would surely be a huge weight off his mind.

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