Why choose SMP over other hair loss options?

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Baldness is an issue as old as man, and prevention is not always possible. Thankfully today there are solutions, and good ones. Even ten years ago there were few alternatives besides the toupee, which is now an anachronism and looks unnatural to boot. Just have a quick Google search and you will see how many companies and solutions are out there, which is likely as daunting as it is assuring.

It is wise to be aware of the following, when choosing a hair loss treatment:

  • Not every treatment is applicable for every cause of baldness/ hair loss
  • There are many scams out there so be careful
  • Some treatments have side effects, do your research
  • Some solutions require ongoing tedious maintenance so make sure know the full commitment you are making before choosing to have a procedure performed
  • No method is perfect, read up on the real story and don’t get tricked by loose advertising language

With these basic guidelines, you should be able to sift through possible solutions. You can get started right here with the option of Scalp Micropigmentation, or SMP. We will discuss its pros and cons and compare it to the competition.

Scalp from above

A Real Solution

The guarantee is solid. Hair transplant procedures do not come with guarantees because retention cannot be guaranteed, and poor hair transplants can leave scars and other visible damage. Concealers don’t have a great reputation, starting with application, and medicinal lotions only have about a 50% success rate. Other than a hat, SMP is the only method that guarantees a hair loss solution.

Authentic and Real

The input sites with a hair transplant can look very unnatural and the removal sites can be scarred. Concealer can rub off and hairpieces can fall off- at the most inopportune moments. Rogaine and Propecia can occasionally help but have only been seen to work in about 50% of cases. When it comes to long term, authentic solutions, nothing compares with micropigmentation.


Maintenance is required in every hair treatment – even with a shaved head the buzzer has got to come out every few days, and then there’s moisturizer and sun block. The washing and styling of a hairpiece is a greater time commitment, and concealer even more so. Compared with the alternatives, SMP is one of the simplest options.


A hair transplant is not a completely safe option, with risk of scars and infections. Medications such as Propecia can come at the very high cost of side effects such as loss of libido and even impotence.
SMP, however, has no side effects and remains the only completely safe method for improving your hair situation and looks.

The fight against hair loss has come along way, and we hope it gains even more ground in the future. One of the best options is undoubtedly scalp micropigmentation, a fact that many thousands of men around the world have now recognised.


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