The problem with a hair tattoo

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Hair tattoos versus scalp micropigmentation – no comparison.

You may be suffering from balding and are wondering what to do about it. Hair tattoos are growing in popularity and you may be considering your options. You need to do your homework first however, because not all options are created equal.

What is the essence of a hair tattoo?

The correct term for what you are looking for is scalp micropigmentation, or SMP. There are some companies that give it names like CTHR or MSP, but in reality they are variations of the same process.

Even though hair tattoo is not the right term for the job, it is quite hard to explain exactly what the process is. This is why the term ‘tattoo’ was adopted so readily in the early days of scalp micropigmentation.

It is important to understand however that SMP and a hair tattoo are VERY different. The equipment is different, the needles are different, the application technique is different, the penetration depth is different and crucially, the pigments themselves are very different from traditional tattoo ink. Make no mistake, tattoo inks and procedures are NOT in any way suitable for hair replication. Clients of clinics who adopt tattoo techniques usually report that their treatments have turned blue within a very short space of time, requiring many invasive laser sessions to remove due to the depth the inks were deposited.

Essential facts about SMP

Regardless of the offered explanation, the basis of the process relies on using a needle to imprint pigment within your scalp, on the face of it, just like a tattoo. This results in many clinics offering ‘tattoo’ services in an attempt to ‘cash in’ on this process, often with catastrophic results.

Different companies offer different results, and the difference is easily noticeable. Do not be fooled by low prices. The best clinics all charge around the same price. Cheaper clinics are usually cheap for a reason.

What does the process involve?

To put it simply, the dots imprinted on your scalp should match real hair as closely as possible. There are many layers that your practitioner creates, and they are spread across several sessions to build density gradually.

You should not worry when you see that your skin is red and the dots are bigger and darker than they should be after a treatment. While your skin heals, the scabs will absorb the pigment, which will result in smaller, less vivid spots, which closely match real shaved hair.

Is a hair tattoo a good idea?

Scalp micropigmentation is a great solution for thinning hair. A hair tattoo however, is not. Hopefully this post helps to explain the difference, so you know what to look out for.

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