A great hairline with scalp micropigmentation

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There’s nothing more important than a natural looking hairline when it come Scalp Micropigmentation and your overall look.

When it comes time to design your new look, the hairline will be the most the important factor as it’s the most visible. It’s the most noticeable area when you look in a mirror and it will be the most seen by the individuals who you will come into contact with. It is the area that is the most decisive as to whether a treatment turns out looking as you imagine. From shape and colour to density and evenness, we just can’t stress enough how important the frontal hairline is to the overall SMP treatment.


When scalp micropigmentation was new it was harder for clients to illustrate the exact look they wanted, but today with so many photos available it is much easier to find examples. As well as in the clinic, there are photos available to browse that exemplify patterns that might suit you. Technology today allows the client to view electronically created simulations of new hairlines so that they have a chance to inspect the pattern before the day of their first session.


Whatever look you want, scope it out, gather lots of examples, and test out the look electronically before making the decision. Once you see it from every angle and know it looks good, you’re ready to go!

For great hairline ideas and inspiration, see this page.


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