What’s it really like to have a hair transplant

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What's it really like to have a hair transplant?

What's it really like to have a hair transplant?Hair transplants have come on leaps and bounds in the last few years with advances in technology and technique. Recently in GQ, fashion and grooming blogger Edward Lemont recounted his real life experience of undergoing the procedure.

UK was the only choice in the end

As someone who’d already decided that he was going to undergo surgery the biggest decision facing Edward was where to get the procedure carried out. Despite cost being a major consideration he decided against travelling abroad to places like Turkey where the procedure can be significantly cheaper. He recognised that the surgery can be life changing and as such it was paramount that it was carried out by trained surgeons, working to well established rules.

For this reason and also because the UK is a centre for innovation and technology in this area he decided to pick London.

His description of the procedure is fairly mundane with two harvesting and implanting sessions lasting 16 hours over 2 days, followed by a careful 14 day recovery period where he stayed off work, avoided public transport and sprayed the recipient area every half an hour with saline solution.

A viable alternative to the transplant?

Actually, Edward didn’t just have the transplant as an option to maintain the appearance of a full head of hair. If he could adapt to a shaven buzz cut then he could have given Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) a go. Unlike the transplant it’s not invasive, quick and doesn’t require the same level of after care. Still a highly skilled treatment, it creates a startlingly real impression of close cut layered hair through the injection of organic ink compounds. It’s also significantly less burdensome on the wallet.

For the moment Edward seems pleased with his hair transplant though. Despite the procedure only taking place in November he’s already seeing some positive results and is intent upon documenting the rest of his journey via vlogs and posts until the end of 2017 when the full effect should be visible.


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