Can Scalp Micropigmentation Really Fool The Experts?

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Forum contributions this week have given some of the best evidence yet for the ability of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) to convince onlookers that they are looking at hair. Even when the onlookers are experts, and even when the expert has a magnifying glass!


The HIS Hair Forum


HIS have hosted their forum for years. It offers a place where the curious can ask their questions and where booked in clients can express their anxieties ahead of their first session. It’s also a place where clients go to post before and after pictures, or answer the questions posted by others with the benefit of their first hand experience. There are a few, very simple, rules. Thou shalt not mention competitors, you are not allowed to ridicule, be negative about or be rude to other posters.  Profanities are not welcome either. Within those boundaries you are pretty much free to ask what you like. Over the years it has built into an enormous library of knowledge, which is all searchable.

Aftercare Secrets Shared

SMP aftercare in the sun

HIS Hair provide industry leading aftercare, which starts before you leave your first session with an explanation of what you will need to do, and a leaflet to take with you. The forum does an outstanding job of giving a platform to those who want to share their own hints and tips. From which is the best electric shaver to how to manage blemishes… it’s all there and it’s all first hand experience.

 Fooling The Experts


Back in January a poster calling himself UltimateJJ put up some before and after pictures of his transformation from an extreme Norwood 7 and someone who lived in a hat, even indoors. The pictures were taken a year after his original treatment and he described the experience as life changing, saying he had never had a moment in that year when he thought somebody had noticed.

UltimateJJ posted again last week, to describe the reaction of a dermatologist, who had been studying a rash on the back of his neck, to discovering the head of hair she had been examining was an SMP. She was astonished and asked him to attend a conference next month. Another poster, the Bald Ego, wrote to say he had unintentionally fooled two dermatoligists during routine skin checks.  This was followed by a veteran poster, Mr On The Fence, posting to say a dermatologist had been studying a blemish on the crown of his head, with a magnifying glass… and never had a clue.

HIS Hair Clinic


So if you have a burning question about SMP then head to the forum, click here to find it. If your question is technical then your best course is still to write to the office at If you are yet to discuss your hair loss situation with an expert then fill out the contact form at the side of this page for a free consultation with one of our friendly team. Or click here to find your nearest clinic.


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