SMP maintenance – how to keep your cool

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SMP maintenance - how to keep your cool

SMP maintenance - how to keep your coolScalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) is a highly detailed and effective hair loss treatment which involves the deposition of natural pigments on the scalp to imitate hair follicles. The procedure is a popular solution for many men suffering with hair thinning or male pattern baldness as it requires very little to no upkeep.

However as every SMP procedure is unique and tailored to each client’s particular requirements in terms of pigment colours and the amount of pigmentation deposited, after care can be slightly different for each client.

General aftercare tips

The scalp will require healing time as it will have suffered micro-perforations in order to deposit pigments. The scalp will also naturally appear inflamed immediately after a session and some patients may notice minor scabbing, however this is all perfectly normal and minor aftercare is required.

It is recommended every SMP client takes it easy for the first three days after a treatment session. This would mean that there is no heavy work so that the scalp is not exposed to sweat, no water on the scalp and no shampoo. By day four it is considered safe to have a light shower and use a sensitive, anti-shine moisturiser on the scalp. By day ten, clients can undertake tasks that cause them to sweat heavily and begin to use shampoos or soaps on the scalp – regular washing of the scalp is important to remove build-up of dead skin.

On day thirty, once all SMP treatments are complete, clients can safely enjoy spray tans, saunas and swimming in pools and oceans. However sunscreen or headwear is advised whenever going out in the sun as UV rays are damaging to the skin and can cause fading of the SMP.

Head shaving

Most men who deal with hair thinning out and male pattern baldness tend to prefer keeping a shaved head as their main hairstyle.

Clients who have had the SMP procedure can carry on with wet shaving by day ten; many have even noticed that a wet shave will highlight the hairline created by SMP. Electric shavers on the other hand require less time and allow for some hair length if the client wishes to maintain a buzz cut hairstyle and can be used from day four.

Extra care should be taken when shaving in the early days following treatment to avoid any scabs being removed from blades.


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