What is the cost of your SMP treatment?

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We are confident that your scalp micro pigmentation treatment will have a profound effect on your quality of life. You will feel happier and more confident which has a knock-on effect on every aspect of your life, from work to relationships, your social life to your ambitions. The benefits you will experience when you get your mojo back are immeasurable.

It would be easy to say that money should be no object, after all, how can you put a price on your own happiness? We do however live in the real world, and no-one has an infinite bank balance. The cost of scalp micropigmentation is therefore an important consideration for anyone considering this treatment for hair loss.

We would like to give you in indication of how much your treatment might cost. It is important to remember however that costs are as individual as a clients needs, and that all quotations need to be confirmed in writing by a member of our Client Services team. This post is to be used as a guide only.

Please note that all costs are for your entire treatment (not per session) and include a 12 month guarantee against fading.

Minor changes to your hairline

Depending on your requirements, and assuming you haven’t lost any overall density of hair, this option is suitable for those who are experiencing minor recession of the frontal hairline. Clients can expect to pay an hourly rate of £200 under normal circumstances, with many treatments taking no longer than one hour.

General hair loss up to Norwood 7

The majority of clients falling into this category will require full head sessions. This is because the density of the hair on your upper crown needs to be ‘increased’ to achieve an optimal blend with the back and sides of your head. Depending on the extent of your hair loss, most clients can expect to pay £2000 for 2 sessions.

Hair transplant scar camouflage

Scar tissue is more unpredictable than normal skin and can absorb pigments more readily. For this reason, scars often require additional sessions over and above the norm to successfully camouflage. The cost of treatment is also affected by the extent of your overall hair loss. As a general guide, clients who require a full head treatment with the addition of a strip scar could expect to pay £3000-3500.

Clients with alopecia

The nature and variance of alopecia symptoms makes it extremely difficult to provide a ballpark cost, as each client varies so massively from the next. The cost is affected by the strategy adopted to remedy the condition. For some clients the best option is a full head treatment, whereas for others with minor and more predictable symptoms, a full head treatment may not be necessary.

Most clients with alopecia areata (and certainly those with totalis) will need a their entire head treating. As a general guide costs vary from £3000-4000.

Maintenance and adjustment costs

Every so often you will need to return to the clinic for a brief touch-up treatment to correct any fading. Most clients require this every 4-6 years. In addition you may wish to adjust your treatment style, for which additional sessions will obviously be needed.

For these sessions we charge a standard hourly rate, currently £250 per hour ($400 in the US) plus £75 ($150 in the US) as a one-off cost for consumables. If a larger number of hours is required, a per-session rate may be available. Please ask for details.

The cost of scalp micro pigmentation treatment compares extremely well versus traditional solutions such as hair transplant surgery and a hair system. For more information, or to arrange a free no obligation consultation, please contact us.


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