Why SMP is a much better choice than a hair system

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If your hair loss has started to bother you, the chances are you’ve at least considered what your options might be to tackle the problem. There is no shortage of options from pills to potions, transplants to scalp reductions, and the two solutions discussed here, scalp micro pigmentation and hair systems.

Hair systems are used by tens of thousands of men around the world, and have been for decades. It is easy to understand why when you consider the benefits. A hair system is the only solution that enables a completely bald (or partially bald) man to sport a full head of flowing hair. Hair transplants need donor hair to begin with, and scalp micropigmentation requires that the client keeps their head shaved.

In a perfect world, we’d all like a full head of longer hair again. The question is this – what is the next best thing? If you’re considering a hair system, we’d like to explain why scalp micro pigmentation is a better option for many people, and one you may find a lot easier to live with over the long term.

A more realistic appearance of hair

Hair systems have come a long way since the bad Andre Agassi wigs of the 1980’s. Unfortunately no matter how they improve, they still consist of hair that is not yours, secured to your scalp using tape or adhesive. With this basic truth comes limitations. Because the hair isn’t actually protruding from your scalp, hair systems can slip, be blown off, be tugged off or can simply shift out of position. It is this tendancy to shift that causes the most problems for some people, as sometimes they simply do not realise until it is too late.

Scalp micro pigmentation may replicate shaven hair rather than flowing locks of hair, but SMP is permanent. It cannot be washed off, blown off or rubbed off, and even in terrible weather conditions, always looks exactly as a full head of real shaven hair should look.

Less maintenance

SMP treatments require maintenance in three basic ways. You must keep your real hair at a certain length (depending on your specific treatment), you must moisturise your scalp regularly and you must protect it from the sun. By following these rules, most clients need to return to the clinic just once every 5-8 years for a quick, low cost refresher session.

Hair systems need to be cleaned regularly, usually every 2-3 weeks. This takes time so you usually need to buy two systems, one to wear and one as a backup during maintenance periods. Depending on whether the system is glued or taped to your head, systems sometimes need to remain fixed to your scalp during the entire 2-3 week period. This can cause serious hygiene issues for some people as the skin beneath the system continues to sweat and emit unpleasant odours. If system tape is used instead of glue, the wearer has the opportunity to clean their scalp sooner, but is therefore required to place and re-place the system on their scalp on a regular basis which can take a very long time in some cases.

Lower cost

Hair systems are expensive to buy, and expensive to maintain. System costs can be anything from £2000 to £6000 in the UK, with monthly maintenance costs running into three figures in most cases. The lifetime cost of hair system usage is staggering.

Scalp micro pigmentation treatments usually cost £2000-£2500 at HIS Hair Clinic, with a touch-up treatment required every 5-8 years costing around £500 depending on your requirements at the time. The only other costs are shaving kit, moisturiser and sunscreen, all of which you probably already buy.

Easier to live with

Hair systems come with all sorts of restrictions on your lifestyle. Swimming, exercise, carrying your children on your shoulders…….. all of these everyday activities become a problem when you’re wearing a wig.

With SMP you can do whatever you want to do, free from worry or anxiety.

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