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There has been a lot of chatter in our forum over the last couple of years, about the importance of a natural, broken hairline. As a result, the majority of clients who come to HIS Hair now ask for this type of broken, jagged or scattered hairline. It is easy to forget therefore, that some people simply prefer a defined hairline and that defined doesn’t have to mean unnatural-looking.

There are three primary groups of people who are more likely to request a defined hairline – those who are in their late teens or twenties, those who are more daring from a fashion and style point of view and those from certain ethnic groups for whom a defined hairline is common and almost expected.

Want to see some examples?

Introducing Mo, a client from London who opted for a sharp defined hairline:

This is another client showing how a defined hairline can work on causasian skin.


And another example, this time on British Asian skin.


What are the implications?

None at all in the short term, as long as the defined hairline you want is in a natural position and is created to a realistic shape.

From a longer term point of view, just remember that the ultra-sharp look you choose today might not suit you as you get older. Nowadays this is not an issue as you can simply laser off your sharp hairline and replace it with a softer one. Depending on the position of your hairline this might even be possible without a laser removal, but you’ll need to contact your clinic for the most accurate assessment of this.


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