Too young to go bald? Don’t suffer in silence

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hair loss suffer

hair loss sufferFor all of us there is an inevitability that our hair will get brittle and this as we age.  Like our skin hair cells can only keep regenerating for so long but what if your hair starts to thin or disappear whilst your still at a young age?  Up to a third of men are balding by their thirties and some even start to go bald in their teens.

Baldness isn’t funny

Unfortunately for many  men the results of hair loss at a tender age can be quite traumatic with reports of body dysmorphia and a sudden lack of self esteem and confidence.  This can result in serious lifestyle changes with some men refusing to socialise and a growing sense of isolation.  The situation can often be made worse by colleagues, friends and even family who view male balding as a rich source of humour without realising the damage they are doing.

It’s not all bad news though.  There are treatments for many forms of baldness, if not exactly cures.  Medications like minoxidil and finasteride have been proven clinically to prevent further loss of hair and if spotted early enough can be a great way of slowing the process down until you’re not the only one in your social group with a bald spot.

What if that bald spot is already too big?

If that bald patch has already reached the point where it’s become a problem then another option is to have a transplant.  No longer the preserve of the rich and famous this is one way of turning back time.  It’s not a cheap option though and you have to bear in mind that it is invasive surgery with a reasonable recovery period.

Another great option is just accept the loss and take control by shaving it all off.  If you combine this with SMP (Scalp micropigmentation) which creates a permanent and ultra-realistic close cropped look by injecting organic pigments into the scalp then you can change from hair loss victim to shaven haired bad boy after only a couple of sessions.

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