Our Man In Bristol Talks Hair Loss And His Path To SMP

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The latest practitioner to set up in their own HIS Hair Clinic tells us a little about his own journey, through early baldness to a HIS Hair Clinic SMP treatment and ultimately to joining the team.


A Little About Alex

You don’t have to talk to Alex for long for his passion to come to the surface. Talk to him a little longer and you will soon learn that he is an artist. We don’t mean simply mean someone who likes to draw, or who takes their brushes out on high days and holidays. We mean a proper artist, with a body of work and a reputation built on a successfully running a London gallery for 20 years. But the fact that he brings some glamour to the business, through his extensive network of famous friends, is secondary to his passion for what he does.

We met Alex when he came as a client to the London clinic a couple of years ago. He had heard about SMP some time before, like it does for so many it caught his eye but not quite his imagination… he had never met anyone with the treatment and so was doubtful about it’s ability to achieve it’s claim of being indistinguishable. Alex began losing his hair visibly in his early twenties. His work as an artist and managing the gallery meant he was required to give talks and meet important people on a regular basis, something he describes as undermined by his lack of self-confidence in his appearance – a sentiment many of us will be able to easily identify with. He was motivated to research SMP, discovering there was no shortage of clinics available he began sorting the wheat from the rubbish. We like to think it remains an easy task to spot HIS Hair Clinic as the inventors of the treatment, more than that as the only clinic with an entirely transparent track record going back over a decade evidencing the quality of their work, always underpinned by a total commitment to the outcome of their clients.

Getting The Needle

Alex would complete his course of treatments at the London clinic. He enjoyed the experience which for him was a creative journey that he took with his practitioner, Marcus, where Alex contributed significantly to the style outcome. He describes the experience of stepping out in the world with his SMP as life changing. A profoundly positive change in how he felt about the world, the sort of positivity that provokes the world into greeting you more positively. Talking to friends and family the feedback he got was overwhelmingly upbeat – He he had become an evangelist for SMP

Alex quickly realised that his background as an artist, his large pieces of work were all about photo realistic detail, lent itself well to becoming an SMP practitioner himself. Cue another round of research on where best to receive his training before, once again, concluding that HIS was by far the best choice.

Alex’s natural talent gave him the confidence to hit the ground running, everything else he bought to the table: Empathy, patience, concentration etc, really set him apart as a student. Memorably, on only his second treatment Alex was presented with one of the oldest gentleman we have ever treated. The outcome, according to the man in charge of training at HQ, was indistinguishable from the work of our most experienced people. So in the same way that fans of sports teams will hear about prodigious young talents coming through the ranks, we heard about Alex. At that stage we were hearing about his technical ability, fast forward the best part of two years and Alex has more than earned his place on our roster of outstanding practitioners.  But when you talk to him you realise that his technical ability  is only a fragment of what makes him a standout practitioner. He treats every client as a friend in need, taking their journey every bit as seriously as he took his own and with a sincere desire to achieve for them the same profound improvement he enjoyed.

HIS Hair Clinic

It all adds up to a great story for would-be SMP clients in the South West of England. Not only is there now a HIS clinic on your doorstep but it is staffed by one of the most engaging, enthusiastic and talented practitioners on the HIS team. To meet Alex in person, and to see his 4 year old SMP treatment, is as simple as filling in the contact form at the side of this page, or putting in a quick call to the office and making an appointment.


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