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le bron james hair loss

le bron james hair lossBack in summer, the professional basketball player, LeBron James revealed on his social media accounts that he had finally embraced his thinning hair by shaving his head. However recently the thirty two year old took to his social media accounts again and jokingly complained about how unfair it was that fellow athlete, Dwayne Wade has a thick locks on his head unlike James.

Unfortunately millions of men end up succumbing to hair loss as a result of male pattern baldness on a regular basis, yet there isn’t one specific factor which you can point to as the cause. Clearly James’s diet and fitness are on peak.

Which hair loss solutions are available?

There are numerous solutions for hair loss and thinning hair available in the market, however many of them have no scientific backing to their claims. Only hair loss solutions such as Minoxidil and Finasteride have been clinically proven to work, reducing hair thinning and even promoting some healthy regrowth of hair. Otherwise, the stigma around hair transplant surgeries has also been dropping and more and more men are feeling confident in taking the step to restore their hair.

Would Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) have been a better solution?

SMP is the ideal solution for men who are ready to accept that they are losing their hair and perhaps need a little motivation to embrace the change. SMP is a technique in which an experienced technician deposits pigments onto the scalp which resemble and give the illusion of a closely cropped hair cut.

Many men find that undergoing SMP boosts their confidence and enhances their appearance. The procedure is also a popular solution to make existing hair appear denser and thicker. The results look completely natural as only pigments which resemble the natural hair colour are used. Other than to close family or friends who are aware of the SMP procedure, it is completely undetectable that you have had an artificial procedure.

If you’d like further information on hair loss solutions and the SMP procedure and whether they are suitable for you then please feel free to complete the form on this page or call for a free confidential consulation on 0121 516 1767


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