Thinning Hair? Here’s how to fight back

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hair loss fight back

hair loss fight backMany men find that losing hair can be a terrifying experience  – perhaps because a thick head of hair is often associated with masculinity and virility within society, despite hair follicles not actually being related to either. In fact, a recent survey has found that more than seventy percent of men do worry about losing their hair.

Causes of hair loss in men

Although all of us would ideally keep all our hair on our head, there are plenty of factors which play a role in hair loss. Male pattern baldness accounts for approximately ninety five percent of hair loss cases – it is something that is estimated to affect up to half of all men by the time they reach the age of fifty years old. Men who suffer from male pattern baldness will often notice hair receding around their temples, whereas others may notice hair thinning on the crown of their head. The condition is thought to be hereditary and is unavoidable.

Other hair loss factors include stress, rough handling of the hair and a poor diet. Conditions such as telogen effluvium can also affect and speed up hair loss.

Fortunately though, although men do appear to be highly self-conscious about thinning hair, an online survey found that more than eighty percent of women said that hair loss didn’t actually affect how much they were attracted to their partner.

Ways to thicken, disguise and style thinning hair

If you’re not yet ready to embrace a new look of a shaved head, then you may find  the following tips useful;

  • Treat a receding hairline as soon as possibly by retaining hair and slowing down hair loss with treatments such as Minoxidil and Finasteride
  • Improve your diet to make sure you are getting plenty of the right nutrients to keep your hair strong and healthy
  • Choose effective styling weapons such as volumising hair mousse
  • Treat dandruff and other scalp conditions which could be triggering hair loss and interfering with follicle function
  • Quit smoking, a study held in Taiwan found that smoking can actually speed up hair loss in men
  • Consider treatments such as a hair transplant, or scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) to maintain the look of a healthy head of hair for longer



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