Hair Care For Hair Loss – Advice On Shampoo

General Hair Loss

We all know that a good hair care regime is fundamental to healthy hair and scalp, but many shampoos contain damaging ingredients that we should all be aware of.


What is Good Hair Care?

Understanding of the causes of hair loss has never been better, but it seems that has not quite translated into the big manufacturers of hair care products having our best interests at heart. The shampoo we use to look after our hair may well be adding to the problem if your hair is receding.

The list is seemingly endless of the various methods we use, knowingly or not, to provoke hair loss. From styling and diet to pregnancy, illness and shock, there is no shortage of choice. Many of us will tick several of the boxes. If your hair loss is due to a medical condition it can be quickly identified by a doctor and the treatment for the underlying condition will usually resolve the hair loss problem. But if your hair loss is caused by a non-medical condition it falls to you to do something about it. For many an early move in the fight against hair loss is to upgrade your hair care regime – this might involve upgrading the products you keep in the bathroom cabinet, or simply increasing the frequency and quality of your hair care regime. If it is to be the products in your cabinet that are to be upgraded then you need to be aware of some chemicals that appear frequently and are to be avoided for the sake of your locks.


Hidden Harm

Top of the list of ingredients to look out for is sodium lauryl suplhate (SLS). Used by many manufacturers because of it’s unarguable ability to make shampoo lather and get bubbly, they list it’s benefit as making the hair thicker – which may very well be true. It definitely removes the natural oils and attacks the protein in the hair. This in turn can lead to a dry scalp, or aggravate existing dry scalp conditions.

SLS is far from the only ingredient in shampoo that pops up in other, more industrial, products. Propylene glycol, polythene glycol and ispropyl alcohol are all to be avoided, unless you have an engine to clean.


HIS Hair Clinic

Our advice would be to keep your hair care routine simple. Use PH balanced products, natural ingredients ideally and less is more when it comes to fragrance. Keeping your scalp and hair healthy is fundamental in giving yourself the best chance of holding back your hair loss for as long as you can.

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