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hair loss sales

hair loss salesSo, you’ve finally succumbed to the lure of the post-Christmas sales and you’re wondering what bargains to pick up. If you love your hair then here’s some shopping tips to keep it looking wonderful:

Don’t buy

  1. Powerful hair dryers or anything that styles your hair using heat such as straighteners or tongs. Heat damage is one of the most common ways of drying out the hair and causing temporary damage.  Sustained overuse can even result in hair loss.  Try blow drying on a cooler setting.
  2. Reduced alcohol. With the possible exception of New Year’s Eve it’s best to lay off the booze as it makes your hair limp, dry and brittle.  Not to mention the damage it’s doing to the rest of your body.
  3. Hair accessories. Not all are bad but avoid anything that really pulls at your hair such as elastic hair bands.  Extensions are particularly bad news and if fitted badly can result in traction alopecia

Do Buy

  1. Stress reduction toys. Stress balls, scalp massagers and finger fidgets can be picked up for next to nothing after Christmas but could have a surprisingly big impact.  One of the main causes of hair loss is stress/anxiety so anything you can do to lower the tension levels has got to be good.
  2. Natural conditioners. Avoid anything with chemicals and use it to get the sheen back in to your hair after the party season.
  3. Christmas puddings and mince pies. The shelves will be heaving with these unsold Christmas treats.  You won’t just be picking a bargain up but it’s also great for your follicles as they’re full of vitamins, biotins, suphur and iron which all contribute to a healthy scalp.

Good luck out there and we hope you pick up a bargain and that the whole experience doesn’t get too stressful.


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