The Beard-to-Hair Ratio – How to Get It Right

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The beard to hair ratio: how to get it right

The beard to hair ratio: how to get it rightStar of the hugely popular “Fifty Shades” films, Jamie Dornan, has recently sported a new, hot look that’s left women swooning and men envious of his impressive beard-to-hair ratio.

Showing off his impressive beard and stylish buzz cut for his new movie role on Jimmy Kimmel, Dornan proves it is possible to get the perfect hair balance. However, before men decide to try this new, hot look, it pays to learn exactly how to get it right.

What is the correct beard-to-hair ratio?

If you want to achieve the perfect beard-to-hair ratio like Dornan, it’s important to ensure you aren’t leaning too far in one direction. For example, you shouldn’t opt for a completely shaved head and a long, messy beard. If you do, the beard will look completely out of place.

If you take a look at Dornan’s beard, you’ll notice it’s short, but a little unkempt. This works perfectly alongside his well-maintained military style cut. So, as a general rule, either opt for a short, well-groomed hairstyle with a short to medium unkempt beard, or a short, well-groomed beard and longer unkempt hairstyle.

What if you’re challenged in the follicle department?

Of course, not every man can achieve a natural, thick beard or head of hair. So, what options do you have if you are challenged in the follicle department? Well, there are two treatment options available, including beard transplants and SMP.

To recreate Dorman’s look, a beard transplant can help if you have a good amount of donor hair on the back of the scalp. Then SMP can help recreate the shaved look if you’re suffering from thinning or balding hair.

Both of these treatment options are long-lasting and are proving to be really popular. However, with a beard transplant it’s important to be aware that you do need some hair to use as a donor.

Overall, achieving the perfect beard-to-hair ratio isn’t always easy; particularly if you’re challenged in the follicle department. SMP and beard transplants are just two options available these days which can help.


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