EastEnders Super-Fans Give Max Branning a Hair Makeover

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Eastenders fans give Max Branning a hair loss makeover

Eastenders fans give Max Branning a hair loss makeoverA popular Facebook group run by EastEnders fanatics known as “Walford East”, has had a little fun recently giving popular bald character Max Branning a hair makeover.

The jokesters switched Max Branning’s famous bald head with Lee Carter’s full head of hair to see how the soap stud would look. The results make Branning look unrecognisable and highlight just how much of a difference hair makes to a man’s overall appearance.

Hair makes Branning look younger say fans

The result of the hair mashup caused hilarity for fans who couldn’t believe how different the character would look. Some were amazed how much younger he appeared with a full head of hair.

They were equally amused with how Lee Carter’s character looked without hair. The star behind the character, Danny-Boy Hatchard, was also amused by the image, sharing it with his Twitter followers.

Although Branning’s new look did amuse fans of the soap, it certainly wouldn’t fit in with his current bad-boy image. The character is currently in the process of turning into a super-villain, so the youthful full thick locks wouldn’t quite fit in.

SMP would be a much better option for Branning

If fans wanted to give Branning a more realistic hair makeover which fits in with his bad-boy image, SMP would have been an excellent choice.

SMP is becoming more popular as time goes on due to its effectiveness, low maintenance and affordable price. Helping balding men cover up the problem by creating a shaved head look using thousands of tiny pigments of ink, the procedure helps to provide a masculine look.

Overall, there are many hair loss treatments to choose from these days, but SMP is one of the more popular options. A shaved head style can help men feel sexier and much more confident than a completely bald look.


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