SMP Is A Big Deal In The Big Apple

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Scalp Micropigmentation has really taken off in the city that never sleeps, in the 5 years since HIS Hair opened America’s first SMP clinic in New York a host of copycats have opened their doors.


Coming To America


HIS Hair Clinic opened the world’s first Scalp Micropigmentation clinic in 2005 in Birmingham, the UK’s second largest city and home to HIS founders, Ian Watson and his sister in law Ranbir Rai-Watson. They had been working on developing the treatment for years with Ian as the first client.

It would be an instant hit, the power of SMP to transform lives saw them expand in a steady organic manner and several new clinics, including the stunning London clinic on Harley Street. Each clinic needed an experienced practitioner who would require a long and detailed training program before being allowed to treat a client. This deliberate approach is still at the heart of the business, it means HIS can confidently claim the best trained team in the industry but places constraints on the speed at which new clinics can be opened. So despite harboring an early ambition to bring SMP to the USA it would take fully five years before they would be able to realize that dream. When they got around to it New York was the obvious choice, a city famous the world over for it’s energy and appetite for innovation.

Being There


From the very start New Yorkers embraced the idea of SMP. As with every time we open in a new location there was some initial skepticism, but this swiftly fell away as clients were treated and the evidence of just how effective a treatment SMP can be was there to be seen. The intense entrepreneurial spirit that has created New York meant it would not be long before copycats began springing up, another regular feature of HIS opening a clinic in a new city so nothing unusual there. What has become unusual is the rate at which these clinics are opening, the offer of online training courses from suspect providers has been the principal driver behind this rise, making it tempting for many to try and enter the market – especially if they believe that they have a relevant background in “semi-permanent” make-up, or tattooing, or graphic design. Spend some time on the forums and it will be quickly apparent that a course of SMP sessions is a journey, that there are many bumps and detours on the path to perfection – without the necessary experience spot the issues and understand the implications it is all too easy to end up with problems, we meet these unfortunate men and women on a daily basis.

HIS Hair Clinic


HIS Hair Clinic have stayed at the forefront of the SMP industry through a commitment to excellence that is extended to every single client and underwritten with a guarantee that has stood the test of time. The HIS research and development program continues to drive the wider industry too, with every significant advance in equipment and technique emanating from the HIS labs. To book yourself a free consultation with one of our experts simply find your nearest clinic by clicking here and get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you.



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