Considering SMP? Here’s what NOT to do

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Considering SMP? Here's what NOT to do

Considering SMP? Here's what NOT to doScalp micropigmentation (SMP) is enjoying a surge in popularity and is the fastest growing treatment in the male hair loss industry worldwide.

Like all rapidly growing industries though, there is a lack of regulation which can result in a small minority of disreputable and poorly trained individuals or clinics offering a sub-par service.

20% off if you sign up soon…no pressure

Recently an advert appeared on Craigslist from an individual offering SMP treatment at discounted rates for people booking the procedure quickly. This kind of advert should scream buyer beware.

SMP is actually a highly skilled process that can’t be learned from a quick training course and a reputable clinic would not use a medium such as Craigslist to advertise its services.

Don’t fall for a fancy web site

Whilst it may be relatively easy to discount an ad on Craigslist there are many new companies with websites offering the service that, superficially at least appear to be credible. The risk with some of these clinics is that they are franchises, run by practitioners with very little practical experience and a short training course.

The sensible advice here is don’t simply go with a clinic because it has a glitzy website, delve a bit deeper. One way of checking out a clinic is to visit the Wayback Machine on the web which will allow you to see previous versions of a company’s website and help you form a more rounded opinion about them, possibly undermining claims of them being the “oldest” etc.

The truth is that a bad SMP job can be as life changing in a negative way as a good one can be in restoring lost confidence and self-worth. It’s vital that you don’t just jump at the first ad that you see.

A specialised clinic will have premises with staff and should be able to provide testimonials and certainly won’t pressurise you into a sell. Nothing beats visiting the clinic first hand and meeting everyone involved before making a decision to go ahead.


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