Hair transplants: The bald truth

Hair Transplant Surgery

man-93951_960_720Male pattern baldness is a progressive condition that can arise in many different forms. From starting with a receding hairline, or beginning at the crown and increasing in diameter, or even shedding entirely resulting in a completely bald head.

For many of us hair loss is an inevitable part of ageing and it affects at least 70% of men in one form or another throughout their lives. Hair transplants offer a second chance for us, but here are some of the bald truths (excuse the pun) you can expect after having the procedure.

Hair sheds after surgery

It is common knowledge now but for many it can be surprising when their hair begins to shed 2-5 weeks after the procedure. This is ‘shock’ loss and is a natural part of the healing process, it also allows for new and stronger hair to grow back.

The price varies

The cost of having a hair transplant depends on the amount of hair that has to be transplanted. During your initial consultation, your surgeon will assess how much work is required and that is why the price is not fixed. If there is a surgery offering a fixed price then it may be questionable as they the amount of work required can vary considerably.

Transplants aren’t risk free

Like any surgery, a hair transplant is an invasive procedure and as a result there are risks. There will be a possibility of infection, delayed healing or scarring. Of course these can be minimised by taking the clinics advice and following their care instructions carefully.

Everyone is different

There are no guaranteed expectations of when your hair will grow back, surgeons can set a rough timeline of when you can expect growth after your surgery but everyone is different. Just as some people are more prone to scarring than others. The best advice is to be healthy and exercise, helping to provide your scalp with good blood flow.

Full results take over a year

The final results of your hair transplant won’t be evident until at least a year or mores time. The recovery takes time and after a year or so your hair will have grown by an inch or so and you’ll be able to get your first hair cut.


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