I’m too sexy for my hair…

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…that’s why it isn’t there.  It’s officially true, bald men are more attractive, particularly if they embrace hair loss so why not reach for the razor if you’re starting to go thin on top?

After all, most, men will suffer from balding during their life and a whopping 30% will be losing it by the time they leave their 20s.  If you’re one of them decide how you want to deal with it early on and get advice.  If you’ve got a decent barber speak to them first or go to a reputable hair loss clinic.

Here’s a few tips to make the most of the clean cut look and embrace your inner Right Said Fred:

How to rock the bald look

  1. Don’t hang on to what you have left. There’s nothing worse than trying to grow the remaining hair long.  Male pattern baldness means you’ll have a massive contrast between the bald patch and the hair around it and worst of all you might get the urge to comb it over.  Just don’t!
  2. Moisturise your scalp regularly, particularly if you’re out in the sun but don’t overdo it on a night out. No one wants to be dazzled by an overly reflective bonce.
  3. Hats are best avoided in circumstances other than cold weather outdoors. Nothing screams “I’m trying to hide my baldness” than a hat worn inappropriately indoors.
  4. Experiment with facial hair. Don’t go mad but if you’re going to rock a new look then why not give everyone something to focus on than just your head hair.  According to most surveys bearded men and bald men are the most attractive to the opposite sex.
  5. Scalp micropigmentation (SMP). The perfect way to roll back the years. The treatment is quick, non-invasive and will leave you with a buzz cut that will look sporty, chic and is maintenance free.  It’s also a great way of adding volume to thinning hair.


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