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Wen hair lossFollowing two years of legal wrangling it would appear that the Wen hair brand might be finally starting to clear its name.  The company, founded by Chaz Dean was the subject of a class action which was started in 2015 by a group of women who claimed that the company’s products had resulted in hair loss, along with other adverse reactions.

Independently commissioned clinical study

Now the Company is going public with an independently commissioned clinical study which it claims will exonerate it of all the allegations.  Put simply the study finds the products to be safe despite the insistence that some of the ingredients can cause harm.  The implication is that the claimants in the case would have suffered hair loss anyway and were seeking to blame the Wen product range in a kind of self-diagnosis. It’s true that female hair loss is perhaps more common than most people think but also there were over 200 women from over 40 different states claiming that the products caused them a range of problems from burning scalp to hair loss and it’s hard to shake the view that there’s no smoke without fire.

Regardless of the findings of the study it would appear that neither side had the stomach for a fight and settled out of court for a reported $26 million.  Also at this stage the FDA continues to investigate the product range so although things are looking more positive for the Wen brand and Chaz Dean they’re not out of the woods yet.

Always test new products on your skin.

As a rule, it’s always best to be careful with any new product we use on our hair or skin.  It’s possible to have an allergic reaction to something we’ve never tried before.  Most dermatologists will recommend testing out a new skin or hair care product on a small patch on the arm or leg to see if there is any kind of reaction.


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