Forget the hype and the research, what hair loss options are available NOW?

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What hair loss treatments are available now?

What hair loss treatments are available now?It can be extremely frustrating to constantly come across hair loss solutions dubbed as miracles and wonder drugs online, only to then find out such treatments are all stuck in research stages. No doubt solutions such as stem cell therapies which are set to treat androgenetic alopecia, or the use of JAK inhibitors which appear to massively reduce hair loss and promote re-growth, are remarkable discoveries – but they are not what sufferers who are desperate for a solution need to hear right now.

Fortunately, there are multiple hair loss solutions available in the market already which have a guaranteed success rate. Many of these therapies can be carried out alongside the usage of topical treatments such as products containing Minoxidil or hair re-growth supplements for optimal results.

Which hair loss treatments are available now?

HIS Hair Clinic is currently offering five major solutions for men as listed below, to find out more clients are encouraged to book a free consultation and speak to a hair loss specialist who can help them decide the right solution for them, whilst keeping in mind client requirements.

Scalp micropigmentation

This is a straightforward procedure for balding men in which pigment is deposited onto the scalp to imitate a shaved head. Similar to a tattoo procedure, yet the treatment is relatively pain free and the end result is extremely realistic.

Hair transplant

In this procedure, hair is grafted from a donor site and implanted onto the scalp wherever hair is thinning or missing. This procedure is highly specific and experienced surgeons will only use hair of particular thickness and texture to replicate a natural look.

Hair replacement

This is a tailor-made hair replacement system which can enhance your current hair. The system is created from ethically sourced natural hair and gives a completely natural, realistic end result which can last up to a minimum of six weeks.

Low level laser therapy (LLLT)

This therapy is pain-free and penetrates the scalp to increase metabolism in the cells and hair follicles to halt or even reverse hair loss. The sooner clients begin therapy, the better chance they will have of stopping further hair fall.


This is a solution which involves multiples minor injections of a solution infused with minerals, vitamins and other nutrients which promote hair growth.


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