How was your scalp micropigmentation experience?

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There are people who have sought treatment for their balding condition through different means. Some have had good results while others could have had better. It could be a bit of an ordeal with so many products and services available to choose from. Fortunately, there are highly dependable remedies that have constantly received good reviews provided that it was performed by the right clinic. One of these is a scalp micropigmentation treatment.
This is perhaps one of the most effective services to address hair loss. It is able to provide almost immediate results as soon as a patient exits the clinic. There would probably be an additional session required and of course a mandatory healing process before its maximum effects may be appreciated. Its benefits however are quite obvious even if it is only the first session that has been completed. The succeeding ones serve to refine the hair pattern selected, making it appear more smooth and realistic.

Scalp micropigmentation has been helping change the lives of many happy clients since it was first conceptualised more than twelve years ago. It had its beginnings as a hair tattoo but has evolved and continues to do so by innovations and further developments in its processes. This treatment is so dynamic that it is applicable upon any balding condition no matter what stage it is in. Prospective clients are delighted that they can achieve a certain amount of recovery even if their hair loss appears to be quite severe.
Take the case of male pattern baldness for example. It is true that this is a gradual condition that takes time before it reaches its final phase. People that have it have the option to receive treatment in its early stages. They do not have to wait until it gets to a point where the only hair they would have will be the ones covering the sides and back of the scalp. Because scalp micropigmentation is relatively new, there are a lot of people that were not able to take advantage of this option. It is of little consequence however because this treatment will be able to remedy their condition in whatever stage it is in.
Scalp micropigmentation can work with a person’s existing hair to make it appear thicker if it is exhibiting diffuse thinning. The hairline should however remain intact in order for this procedure to be successful. There should also be a minimal exposure of bald areas in between hair strands. The reason is that the pigments are two-dimensional while the existing hair is three-dimensional. It can best intermingle with each other when there is a good distribution of bald spots that the pigments can camouflage and hair strands serving to cover the area beneath it. Large clusters of each appearing separately will make the treatment obvious.
Many have been able to receive positive outcomes from the use of scalp micropigmentation. A quality clinic is able to accurately create an illusion of “just-shaven” hair that is indistinguishable from the real thing. Not even the patient’s barber or even his closest family members would be able to tell the difference. That is of course, if he tells them. Those that see the patient on a daily basis might be the only ones who would wonder why he suddenly appears to have more hair. This is because of the suddenness of the results that a scalp micropigmentation treatment can deliver.
Like in anything that would concern a cosmetic change, it is important to do some preliminary research before engaging the services of any establishment. Asking the technician some well-placed questions about his training and experience is sufficient to determine his capability to perform a scalp micropigmentation treatment. This should be backed up however by good feedback from impartial opinions of past clients.


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