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Hair loss

For most men, the first sign of a hair loss problem is a receding hairline. This can vary from a slight raising of the hairline, to a full blown horseshoe effect, resulting in thinning hair higher up the scalp, on either side of the head.

A receding hairline can have a profound effect on a persons confidence, usually because prior to the appearance of a receding hairline, hair loss simply wasn’t an issue. At this stage, most men ignore the problem, and thankfully, the recession of hair for many people is a very slow process.
Many of our clients come to us whilst they’re still in their twenties, following the early signs of male pattern baldness. Taz (below) asked HIS Hair Clinic for help when he noticed the first signs of his hair thinning and receding at the front.
Taz before his SMP treatment
As well as redefining Taz’ hairline, we also treated the top of his head, in the crown area in particular, to give him thicker, fuller looking hair. The application of scalp micropigmentation has made a significant difference to Taz’ life. He no longer feels conscious of losing his hair, in fact hair loss simply isn’t something he has to worry about any more.
Taz after his SMP treatment
A receding hairline is something that will most likely progress as a person ages. Depending on Taz’s individual circumances, he may need to return to us in the future if his real hair recedes further, however until then, his new look requires very little maintenance.

What to do if you have a receding hairline

Hair loss is a perfectly natural part of the aging process and is nothing to worry about. If you feel uncomfortable with your receding hairline and would like to do something about it, you have many options available to you including hair transplant surgery, drugs such as Propecia and of course, scalp micropigmentation.

We created scalp micropigmentation in 2002 to relieve hair loss sufferers from around the world of the stress and anxiety that hair loss causes. We believe passionately that versus the alternatives, scalp micropigmentation offers the best all-round solution for male hair loss in most cases. Of course what is right for one person is not necessarily right for another, therefore it is up to the individual to make the choice that is best for themselves, however SMP does offer many significant advantages, without many of the disadvantages associated with other solutions.
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