How can scalp micropigmentation and FUE work together?

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SMP FUE combination

Hair loss is something that most people will have to deal with at some point in their life. It might manifest itself during their younger years, while others will only notice its effects when they are much older. Whatever the case may be, it is a reality that a majority of men will ultimately have to face. In fact, those that will retain their hair throughout their old age are the minority. It is however, possible to avoid the anxiety associated with hair loss with the right treatment or even a combination option.
SMP FUE combination One treatment solution that requires an accurate assessment beforehand is hair transplant surgery. It needs a set donor area to harvest hair from in order to establish greater density in the target area. Knowing where the scalp will exhibit hair loss is crucial for its success. For this reason, male pattern baldness is one of the most treatable conditions for hair surgery. This is because of the hair that would remain at the lower sides and back of the scalp even after it has run its due course. It may serve as a donor area for the operation. The same is not true for alopecia areata or telogen effluvium. Hair is shed in random areas of the scalp making it difficult to estimate where it may be possible to harvest hair from.
To illustrate, a follicular unit extraction method is a kind of hair surgery that directly extracts hair follicles from a donor area and implants them where thinning is most apparent. Note that there are no new hair follicles that are generated from this procedure. They are only rearranged from one location to the next. Because of this, it is important to only harvest hair follicles from an area where there will surely be existing hair that can provide coverage after it is extracted. There is also the concern about scarring from these locations though there are some follicular unit extraction services that claim to be able to minimise this occurrence.

Combination option

A scalp micropigmentation treatment can be effectively used in combination with the follicular extraction method. This can provide more density to a sparse looking scalp. The hair follicles derived from hair surgery might not be sufficient to cover the entire balding area. Neither would it be possible to grow it at a particular length to cover the exposed areas. Using scalp micropigmentation to create the illusion of more volume is possible as SMP requires no donor hair. What that effectively means is that FUE can use real hair follicles as far as possible, and any shortfall in the desired density can be met using scalp micropigmentation.
Another benefit of this combination is that it will provide the usually flat, two-dimensional pigments with a three-dimensional feel of real hair. Those who touch a scalp micropigmentation patient’s scalp will no longer be surprised by the sensation of skin. These treatments look so realistic by itself that people expect to feel the roughness of just shaved hair. Having it combined with a follicular unit extraction method provides added depth to an already dynamic remedy for hair loss, and provides the best of both worlds.
Being able to determine the kind of balding a person is going through is a necessary prerequisite before seeking treatment. This will determine the chances of success for the particular remedy that is used. Some treatments are more applicable than others. If you are confident that what you’re experiencing is just regular hair loss associated with age and genetics, call us to discuss your options. If you believe your condition may be health-related, it is important to visit a qualified physician to receive a proper diagnosis prior to undergoing any remedy.


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