Hair transplant barber gets offered modelling contract

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hair transplant barber offered modelling contract

hair transplant barber offered modelling contractHair transplants can literally change someone’s life and this was definitely the case for one Worcester barber who not only solved his baldness but bagged himself a modelling contract after his transplant!

Debilitating hair loss

Hair and self-identity can go hand in hand and  – as we reported previously – for Keiran Groves losing his hair at 22 gave him a real fright. It caused him to stop going outside in wet weather, swimming and playing semi-professional football. Wet hair looked thinner and emphasized the balding and he became self-conscious.

Fortunately for Keiran, the option of a hair transplant was available which meant 100% regrowth to his balding areas. And what’s more, as his hair returned, so to did his self-esteem.

A strong investment

The barber, who now sports a quiff thanks to the £8,000 12-hour procedure, was in for an extra boost of confidence when he was offered a modelling contract.

While transplants aren’t the cheapest procedure around, Keiran called it the “best investment” he could have made and was amazed by the results. As a barber, he knew of and tried many over-the-counter treatments for hair loss with temporary or no results.

What else is out there?

There are alternatives to hair transplants available, including the increasingly popular scalp micropigmentation (layered pigments onto a patient’s scalp to give the illusion of real hair growth). The treatment is less invasive and cheaper but a hair loss specialist clinic such as HIS Hair can offer sound consultation that is specific to each individual.

For Keiran, a transplant was his route of choice and he has now been stopped by a model scout, has returned to playing football and expanded his thriving barber business – all in just a year.

What’s more, he will be pleased to hear the results of a study of 122 people suggesting that men with hair are more attractive and younger looking than those who are balding. People who were shown before-and-after pictures of men with hair transplant rated them and results favoured the after shots, also deeming them more approachable and more successful.

It seems that things are on the up for the barber and his full head of hair.


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