I’ve had a bad SMP experience – what can I do about it?

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I've had a bad SMP experience - what can I do?

I've had a bad SMP experience - what can I do?SMP has become a popular and effective treatment option for those suffering with hair loss. However, in order to achieve great results, the procedure needs to be carried out by a very skilled practitioner.

As the hair loss industry is worth billions, there will always be clinics and practitioners who are focused purely on the money and who aren’t properly qualified to carry out SMP. So, if you’ve had a bad SMP experience, it’s likely because the clinic you chose wasn’t as skilled in the technique as you assumed they would be.

The question is, what can you do about it if you have had a bad SMP experience?

Getting the problem fixed at an experienced clinic

If you’re unhappy with the results of your SMP treatment, a good, experienced SMP clinic can help. They can usually help to fix the problem by either covering it up, or combining laser treatment to eliminate the unnatural looking pigments.

One thing to keep in mind is that bad SMP clinics may use pigments which contain metal oxide. If this is the case, laser treatment could cause damage to the skin. There is no real way of knowing whether the pigments contain metal oxides so it can be a gamble. However, you might not need laser treatment to correct the issue, it could just be a case of using different coloured pigments to cover up and blend in the bad SMP results.

Other possible solutions include raising or softening the hairline and changing the side profile.

How can you tell if you’re choosing a good SMP clinic?

No SMP clinic is going to admit to being underqualified. Therefore, it can be difficult to spot poor quality practitioners. To ensure you choose a reliable, good quality clinic, pay attention to their reviews.

A good clinic will have an established, great reputation. They will also be able to provide before and after photos of previous SMP treatments they have carried out.

Overall, when done correctly by a good clinic, SMP can produce fantastic results. If you’ve had a bad experience don’t panic, it can be fixed using numerous techniques or in severe cases, completely removed.


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