Hair Transplant Versus SMP – Which is Best for Me?

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hair transplant or SMP - which is best for me?

hair transplant or SMP - which is best for me?When you’re looking for a long-lasting solution to your hair loss, you have two main options – a hair transplant or SMP. Both have their own pros and cons so how can you decide which one is right for you? Here we’ll look at both treatment options and help you determine which would be a better choice for you.

To style or not to style, that is the question!

The main factor that’s going to help determine which treatment method is right for you is whether you want to have hair you can style or not.

If you’re desperate to cling on to thick, full hair then a hair transplant could be the best option, provided you have a good donor site. However, if you’ve gone completely or almost bald, a transplant is unlikely to work as you won’t have a suitable donor site to take the hair from.

If you’d prefer a style you don’t need to maintain, SMP could be the answer. Provided you choose a skilled practitioner, you can achieve exceptional results from SMP. It leaves behind a fully shaved appearance that you hardly ever need to maintain.

Which is more effective?

Hair transplants are excellent if you have a viable donor site. However, they aren’t 100% guaranteed to work. SMP on the other hand, is almost 100% effective at covering up hair loss as long as it is done correctly at a good clinic.

Of course, with SMP you aren’t actually getting your hair back. It’s more of a cover-up procedure, whereas a hair transplant will give you the thick, full head of hair you might be dreaming of.

It’s helpful to consider your budget. Hair transplants are more expensive than SMP, though obviously, the results are better as you will have actual hair as a result. Overall it really depends upon the type of look you’re going for, how much maintenance you want to spend on your results and what type of budget you’re working with.


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