Gogglebox star forks out for third hair transplant

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Chris Steed Hair Transplant

Chris Steed Hair TransplantHair transplants have come on a long way in the last few years.  The development of new techniques like Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) have made the procedure less painful and enhanced the chances of a successful transplant without the scarring that could previously be a problem.  It’s still not a procedure to be undertaken lightly though, not least because it’s expensive and often requires more than one attempt to get the right look.

£2 for each hair transplanted

Chris Steed, of Gogglebox fame discovered to his cost that hair transplantation can be a serious business when he recently underwent his third procedure in 18 months at a cost of £8000.  That’s £2 for every single one of the 4000 hairs that were migrated on his bald patch from the back and sides of his scalp.

Delighted with the results Chris recently talked about the experience in the Mail Online and how he wanted to “be gorgeous” for his upcoming wedding to his fiancé Tony Butland.  Certainly, the results look impressive given how much hair Chris had lost from an early age.

How to save a fortune by opting for SMP

It’s too late now but if Chris had wanted to manage his costs a little better he could have opted for Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP).  The procedure, carried out of the course of 2-3 weeks (and usually 2 sessions of about an hour each) creates the illusion of a real layered buzz cut. It wouldn’t have given him the flowing locks he’s enjoying post the transplants but he’d have saved himself a fortune and the results would have been permanent and maintenance free.

The procedure is growing in popularity with specialist clinics appearing all over the world and the general consensus amongst the recipients is that confidence levels are boosted as a result.  If you want to find out more about SMP then you can visit our website https://hishairclinic.co.uk/treatment/ or call us on 0845 359 2924 for a free consultation.


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